Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday Wanderings: The Most Magical Place on Earth

It's been a crazy, but fun-filled few weeks on the road. Thankfully these next two weeks are a bit of a change of pace for us. On Saturday we flew from Seattle to Orlando and are spending time with our parents. We'll be swimming, enjoying the sun, visiting Disney and family and even sneaking in a date night for Brett and I. With all of this going on, it seemed only fitting to throw up a Wednesday Wanderings post today with a look back to our last Disney trip in May of 2012.

Halle was not even 10 months old when we went last time, but my parents have a timeshare near Disney so we were happy to go and spend my first Mother's Day with both sets of grandparents. 

This picture of Halle and my Dad is one of my favourites. They were watching the birds behind our unit

We had a lot of downtime, sitting by the pool just enjoying being together. For us, that really is the most important thing. Family time... and delicious drinks the size of our heads! 

Westgate 2012

Westgate 2012

Westgate 2012

Of course we also went to Disney. Halle could still get on quite a few rides, and she took a nice long nap in her stroller while it rained and we ate lunch. It really could not have worked out better. It wasn't your typical day at Disney, but considering we were there with a 9 month old, it turned out pretty great.




Disney 2012

We bought Halle those ears and I can't wait to buy Nolan his own as well!

Disney 2012

Disney 2012

Disney 2012
We've embarrassed her right from the start

Disney 2012
I'm looking forward to enjoying another Dole Whip on this trip

It was such a great trip, a lot of fun and I know this time will be even better with Halle being almost 5. I'm so excited I'm almost vibrating myself, thinking about experiencing the parks through her eyes. We used some rewards points to get her a 3 days pass, so along with visiting the Magic Kingdom with both sets of Grandparents we hope to give her an afternoon of Mommy and Daddy time at a park, along with another family day at another park. We'll see what she chooses. 


I look forward to sharing some new family photos of the four of us in Florida and Disney in the coming days, but I'm really looking forward to a lot more family time. Not just the four of us this time, but also with my parents and Brett's parents. Oh... and a date night! Brett and I used more reward points to get some tickets to see Cirque du Soleil in Disney Springs. It will be SO nice to have some time for just the two of us again. Not so easy living in a 30' trailer with two kids.

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